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Whispering down a well

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Some people might think that 62 is a bit old to be starting up a new website, but for me this is

just the beginning. I’ve decided, this is it. I’m going to go completely “against the grain”. I’m

going to blow my trumpet and make a big fanfare. Tara tara tara! Ruth Bell Torah Tapestries are here. They are exquisite and beautiful. They are hand crafted and gorgeous. They were created with slow painstaking effort, and with wonder and excitement. That’s what I want to celebrate.

We are all blessed with talents and gifts which others can enjoy or benefit from. So here they are. And as I said this is just the beginning.

My father (of blessed memory) had a favourite quote which he found on an American calendar in the 1950’s:

“He who whispers down a well of the goods he has to sell, will not make as many dollars as

he who climbs a tree and hollers”

I’ve spent a lifetime whispering down wells. Blowing trumpets and hollering from trees takes a

lot more effort and energy, but there’s another famous quote which I will translate from the

original Hebrew:

If someone tells you I didn’t try and I succeeded – don’t believe him. If someone says I tried

and I didn’t succeed – don’t believe him. If someone tells you – I tried and I succeeded –

believe him.

And on that note I want to wish anyone who is reading this great success in all your

endeavours, great perseverance to see them through, and great pleasure and inspiration from

looking at and purchasing my work!

1 comment

1 Comment

Nov 16, 2021

love your work Beautiful!!!

Talia Sandpearl

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